• Admission open (2023)
  • Annual Sports Day
  • Kids Athletics Meet
  • World Water Day
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    Annual Sports Day

     Sports and physical activities provide many benefits for children and adolescents.Sports teaches teamwork,discipline and dedication.This is what Islam also teaches us and Islamic Global School strongly believes in it. In this perspective an Annual sports days was organised by the school.

    The day was celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm by the students and teachers of the school. The annual day was celebrated for two consecutive days followed by felicitation ceremony for primary department. For higher department two separate days for boys and girls was organised. Also the felicitation was done in the school for higher department where Chief Guest director Water Sports Jammu & Kashmir Miss Bilques Mir honoured us with her presence, she distributed medals and certificates among the winners. She encouraged students to participate in sports and engage themselves in physical activities. She also thanked the esteemed Principal Miss Irfana Zargar for organising such an event during the time when sports activities had come to a hault due to pandemic.At last the chairman of the school Mr. Mohammad Amir thanked Miss Bilques for providing her precious time to the school and boost students confidence with her inspiring words.He also thanked Principal and staff members for their efforts.Alhamdulillah the event was a great success for the school and hope school will be able to organize such and other more events in future. Here is the glimpse of the event...