• Admission open (2023)
  • Annual Sports Day
  • Kids Athletics Meet
  • World Water Day
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    Subjects related to Islamic studies too are taught, which include following:
    • Arabic language
    • Quranic studies
    • Tajweed and Qirat
    • Hadith studies
    • Hifz of the Quran
    • Dawah
    • Seerah of the Prophets(as)
    • Others

    The teaching of these subjects are aimed to produce future generation more talented and equipped with in both Islamic and formal knowledge and practice to coop up with contemporary world challenges and be successful in this world and the hereafter.

    Qualified and experienced teachers for Islamic studies induce in the children the zeal of practice and propagation to develop overall skills, intelligence and personality…and get an education to face life’s challenges and opportunities with Care, Confidence and Self-Discipline.